Through the lens: Gent (Belgium)

Gent is an incredible beauty of a city. It’s necessary for you to visit it during summer months / happy days – as the rain might make you want to miss to look up and around and enjoy the incredible 18th century architecture. With sunrays reflecting from your sunglasses, it is really an amazing city to see! Architecture, Food, Bars & Restaurants, Mood & Overall experience! My take: it beats Brugge and Bruxelles (Antwerpen is not even in the race for me)!

Most lovely Belgian city - What's your favorite?

Special recommendations:
– Coffeebar Barazza (in the night picture) – Practically IN the water, supernice tosti “Serranoham with Mozzerella and Pesto”
– Balls and Glory – Walk there and order the handcrafted meatball (different flavours). Delicous!


3 gedachten over “Through the lens: Gent (Belgium)

  1. Ohhh moooooi dorusje! Vette shit weer hoor.

  2. dank je simoontje πŸ™‚

  3. Super mooie foto’s!

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