Through the Lens: Visé Trainstation and Trainbridge

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Just across the border from Netherlands, 10 minutes driving from Maastricht – is the nice and cozy village of “Visé”.
It’s a very small town with it’s iconic houses “hanging” over the railtracks – as if you would think “why would you ever buy a house there”.

VISE belgie
It does speak to the mind as probably everyone from the Netherlands ever travelling to France – would probably know what i’m talking about. This is the way en-route that will take you to Liège (Luik) and further up to France, and it’s the place you just pass by with 120km an hour and really wish you would pass as soon as possible. Looking closer however, it’s actually a very little pittoresque village behind those houses (that will be covered in a later blog).

After driving by a numerous time – especially the way back – Visé’s trainstation always captivated me. It had something disturbing, something spooky… I figured I had to try to get this on camera. So… Here you go:


“Trainbridge Visé”

Just across the village is the incredible “Maas” river extending it’s path from France until it dissolves into the dutch seas near “Zeeland”.
At the same time hidden behind a lot of trees and cutoff by the highway – on top of that Maas you can find the incredible train bridge in Visé crossing it.

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