Christmas Down South – A guide

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It starts off with the night before Christmas eve at the father and mother in law. A grand table is set and a fantastic dinner is cooked.

Christmas Dinner

After that it’s off to the 1st Christmas evening – where approximately 2.000.000 presents are laid out on the floor beneath the Christmas tree.
With a 50 euro purchase and straws drawn – after a nice evening of “Gourmette”; it’s time to sit along the Christmas tree and unpack the gifts that have been carefully selected for each other.

Christmas Gifts

While you are living in Maastricht – it’s basically mandatory to visit at least one Christmas market. So you do that in between christmas and NYE… The “Vrijfhof” is well known for it’s Christmas market as well as ‘Lìege’ (Luik). This year we have chosen to visit “Aachen” (Aken) in Germany, just across the border. A very nice and cozy Christmas market where one must obtain 1) a currywurst and 2) a reibekuchen (see picture below). Not having done so will give you a penalty and you are prohibited from accessing Aachen christmas market for 2 years.

Christmas Market Aachen (Germany)

And that is how it’s done. Like or comment below if any awesome Christmas markets need to be discovered next year!


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