Through the Lens: Wroclaw (Poland)

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Wroclaw is the cultural capital of Poland. Hosting approximately 240.000 students on an overall of 700.000 inhabitants – it’s actually a very lively city! We traveled here in January with winter conditions: Frozen rivers, snow covered roofs and of course not to forget – friggin cold feet. 

As you probably never ever heard of “wraslafff”(how it’s pronounced) – have a look at the photos:

  • The photo with the grenade in the wall is actually a WW2 grenade – which serves as a reminder of bad times! A lot of the churches on “Church” island are actually bombed and re-built.
  • Island is approachable through bridges, which they have a lot (100+ bridges) – but of course the bridge covered in lovelocks is fascinating!
  • Also fun to look at the contrast in the city – which is shown in the picture where on the left side you can find the lovely baroque style university in yellow – and on the right side the building which is basically in a state of decay.

Although the two drifting ducks who seem to form a heart is a technically bad photo – i actually love it and think it deserves its place here!

Basically everything is surrounded and built around rivers – it’s actually a very cool place to be in summer. Wroclaw is supposed to be the hottest city in Poland! So if you were to ever visit – go in summer and enjoy the riverside terraces!

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