Through The Lens: Milano

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My first impression of Milan was 6 years back; a big greyish city with a lot of company buildings over the place, grey washed out buildings mixed with an occasional nice building in Italian Baroc style. This is of course, outside of the small city Centre area and Il Duomo.

In my work as a project manager I have had the chance to visit the city again in May 2019, which I much enjoyed.  I did appreciate the beauty of the city centre and Il Duomo and surroundings a bit more. It’s a nice and lively city. But my take on the rest of the city unfortunately remains the same…

Asking the questions to my Milan-colleagues they actually did say that even though they find the city beautiful (in a different way i guess than aesthetics). For me this trip for work, gave me the chance to explore for 2 days at night after a wet and rainy few days – leaving some nice puddles and waters.

See for yourselves šŸ™‚


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