Newborn: Alec

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Only 6 days after delivery, we have been been invited to come over to visit incredibly cute baby Alec.
Proud mom Stephanie and dad Rens were waiting to show off this awesome cool, sweet-ass baby – to be held by her best friend Anne.

Bringing my gear I just started shooting this incredibly photogenic little guy, it’s really the cutest.

As you can see the process was not that straightforward – on the left side you can see Anne holding the cute little guard dog to hold little Alec up. But he was completely fine and was absolutely chilling with this little pupper 🙂

Also a few necks have been broken after those table shots, but it was all worth it.

Have a look for yourself and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Mine is this one:


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  1. Leuke fotoos Dorus. Dankbaar project babies, ze veranderen dagelijks 😉
    en ook zonder fotograaf zijn babies een leuk project…

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