Asia 2024: Koh Pangang, Koh Tao and Phuket (Thailand)

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Asia 2024: Koh Pangang, Koh Tao and Phuket.

So i’m starting off writing in English… Because, why not. If there is by the way any travel agency whom would like similar posts and pictures, hook me up 😉

Koh Pangang

So our roadtrip to Koh Pangang was done – see previous post. We stayed for 7 days in Koh Pangang, a vibrant island with a LOT of parties and absolutely incredible food. All the different beaches across the island are also amazing and overall the feeling you get from the island is just a good vibe!

Made our way to the waterfalls of Kho Pangang (Phaeng Noi Waterfall) – which was a TOUGH climb! One tip: do NOT wear slippers, but proper footwear (more energy, more passion, more footwork). The trip is incredible, but due to flip-flop-climbing disasters, we only got to about 10% of the total – which is still really nice as you get to chill in a waterfall. What more do you want 🙂


Koh Tao

Koh is actually thai for “island” – hence the “koh’s”. So Koh Tao is an hour boatride away from Koh Pangang. We left the car on koh pangang as no cars allowed on the island… After Yvo managed to recover it’s passport, we re-united after having him take the speedboat (speedboat takes 1 hour, the ferry 2 hours), whilst Walter was sipping the girliest cocktail ever. The island has a bit different vibe than Koh Pangang – a bit more different greens and i think an even relaxter vibe. The beaches are again amazing and the parties on the beach are equally great though! Had my debut as deejay, playing a 2 hour set on the beach (see soundcloud). Definitely worth a visit just for the chill vibe and the hotels adjecent to the beach.



In Phuket we actually only stayed for 1 night. However, we had the hotel smack in the middle of the old-town – which is host of colonial style buildings (Portugese influences). Actually in the various restaurants and shops – you are able to find all sorts of Portugese ornaments, paintings and the traditional portugese tiles, giving the whole a nice mediterannean vibe. Overall Phuket is huge and we only visited the old town, but it’s vibrant and nice. Worth a visit for sure!


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