Asia 2024: Koh Phi Phi, Big Buddha (Phuket) and Bangkok (Thailand)

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Asia 2024: Koh Phi Phi, Big Buddha (Phuket) and Bangkok


Koh Phi Phi

After having travelled Koh Pangang and respectively Phuket (see previous post, opens in separate window) – we have taken the boat to Koh Phi Phi, a tropical Island where the famous “Maya Beach” is located (the movie with Leonardo Dicaprio). The first thing you notice when arriving on this island (by speedboat from Phuket [or ferry]), is the McDonalds welcoming you. Although this is my precious friend in Holland, i had to resist NOT going there the whole stay – and i managed! That is of course, because of all the glorious food they have in the whole of Thailand.

Koh Phi Phi is actually a very small island, but offering opportunities to rent a long-tail boat (including captain) to take you to for example the Maya beach. In our case a friend of Yve called Matty, took us on a tour in a luxury longtailboat (including champagne – costing 7000 baht ~ 180 euro). When arriving near Maya beach – you can see the hordes of people ramping up and it’s ridiculious. We also did not touch ground there, but stayed on the side looking at all the ants on the side and do some snorkling, drinking champagne, beers and taking diving pictures, whilst listening to some awesome tunes!

The people in Koh Phi Phi (and the whole of Thailand, for that matter) are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I have not met any kind of people whom are more kind than Thai people. Genuinely all of them put a smile on their face, are so incredibly helpful and genuinely welcome you to the country as if you are one of their own. Walking through Koh Phi Phi i took pictures of a few people, and this was sincerely their first surprise face they gave me straight away. LOVE IT!

Furthermore there are lots of parties in Koh Phi Phi – but having had a few swimmingpool parties, i think i would recommend staying 2-3 days here.



Big Buddha in Phuket

The Big Buddha in Phuket is a white, giant statue of Buddha on the top of the hill near Phuket – while surpassing actual elephants alongside the road (chained though…). The hillside offers actually some restaurants with stunning views to eat your heart out after visiting the Buddha.

The pictures are taken with a wide-angle lens, most of them at 8mm – creating a sort of a special effect. See for yourselves…



Bangkok (and the way to from Phuket)

Bangkok is a whole other level. This city is absolutely HUGE. Coming in the skyline hits your sight and what an amazing sight! It’s a vibrant city, although the traffic is so incredibly bad – that sometimes on a 10 minute ride, you are stuck for 30 minutes. Scooter is the way to go for transportation. Which is fine, if you just download the “Bolt” app and taxi drivers bring you around for as much as 30-50 baht (around 1,5 euro).

Rooftop bars, great restaurants – and hold on to your seatbelts: Go Go bars. I cannot elaborate much more here, but fella’s: do it haha (but watch your money)!

There is really not much more to say – outside that i’m a Bangkok lover (@simoon ;)).

One of the greatest tips you can ever get is to get the bike ride through the city (3 hours) with Co van Kessel – whom is a Dutch guy whom lived in Bangkok for 30 years and basically introduced the bike (he passed away, but his legacy remains). See link here (opens in new window). This is a 3-hour bike ride including some snacks and drinks – but most importantly guiding you through narrow streets where the locals live and to visit some temples. It’s really a warm and nice experience, that you would not want to miss.

Another recommendation would be to visit the many rooftop bars. One we specifically enjoyed was the “Aire bar on top of the Hyatt hotel“. The view is not only incredible, also there is basically no crowd and the food is delicious!

For the people interested in also roadtripping – the way from Phuket to Bangkok is quite long (~12 hours) – so we broke it into 2 trips and stayed over with a remaining 4 hour drive to bangkok at a lovely hotel called Rimsira, Chumphon – see link (this is the place with the boat and the angry goose :p)

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  1. M’n Dorusje you’ve just made my day! Ik zit me een partijtje schattig hardop te lachen hier tegen m’n laptop de hele tijd.. En geweldig de foto’s, hoe fantastisch ook die lachende man op die scooter met de eend haha!

    Mis je en jullie! xxxxxx

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