Asia 2024: Vang Vieng (Laos)

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Asia 2024: Vang Vieng (Laos)


Vang Vieng – not even the capital of Laos (which is “Vientane”), must be I think the nicest place in Laos (or at least with the most stuff to do). With note, that we have not travelled to the 4000 islands in the south, so that is outside the equation.

Vientane – the capital – however, is the most boring city i might have ever been. You might want to call it the Apeldoorn of Laos (Ugly city, nothing to do, nothing to take pictures of). It is indeed true that this is just a travel through city – and please do not stay more than 1 day.

Vang Vieng, however – has got it’s own vibe. It’s vibrant, though small. It has got party, though not evident. It has got nature, though you need to get out for it. Everything is a bit covered with a slay of secrecy – or so it seems. There are loads of party hostels – and renting a scooter is the way to go. That is… Giving over your passport, having no insurance – and praying that you wont’ fall or hit somebody – in order to get your passport back upon return. That is… the way to go.

Fortunately for me this worked out greatly. Practically the only way to pass the river – is to pass the hanging scooter-bridge (which does not allow cars) – in order to get to one of the lagune’s (which are basically glorified swimming pools, made around natural waters). Or if you would want to explore any waterfalls or just drive around, you really need to get to the other side of the river – so you need a scooter :).

We again took the roadtrip – this time from Luang Prabang – taking us 4-5 hours across (again) shitty roads. However, with breathtaking views of incredible landscapes, cows and herders across the roads – and spectacular views on the stop along the way.

Having arrived – explored the party hostels, the party-scene and having rented a scooter – the Lagune’s are one to visit (there are 6, not sure anymore which ones are coolest – but the one I visited was #2 which was quite nice – with a nice diving place and great water). Also together with Lorenzo and JayJay i have explored a climb up a hill near a waterfall (which was closed on google maps) – leading to a spectacular view. The second and most incredible view was though on the “Nam Xay Viewpoint” – which was a steep 30 to 40-minute climb along steep rocks (not for the faint-hearted). The view on top is though so incredibly rewarding, that you really MUST do it.

Last I did in Vang Vieng was to take a Motorized Paraglide through the valley of Vang Vieng – which was ultimately rewarding – given that I had stayed up ALL night long to witness this (party took until 06:00, whilst we had to be outside our hotel at 08:00).


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