Asia 2024: Koh Chang and Koh Mak (Thailand)

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Asia 2024: Koh Chang and Koh Mak (Thailand)


Koh Chang

4 hours drive from Pattaya southwards, there is the ferry towards Koh Chang. The ferry itself will take approximately 1 hour and will take you up to an island with Monkey’s and steep (very steep) roads along an overall tranquil coastline – with here and there a nice fire show – but overall VERY GREAT FOOD!

Koh Chang is covered in basically 3 areas with the north (arrival ferry) starts with white sand beach, where it is overall a bit more touristy. The nice part is we had our hotel smack at the beach, which was really great! In the night, as mentioned there are fire shows and there is nice dining with your feet in the sand – and/-or having a cocktail on an incredible lounge fauteuil, whilst some Thai with weird English accent entertains you for the night.

Driving more south, you will drive along “Klong Prao Beach” – which is a bit less touristy – ultimately driving past “Lonely Beach” – where “there party (is supposed to be) at!”. I guess you really need to go on Saturday night, as the Himmelbar was completely empty when i went on a sunday. Overall the majority of backpackers stay near the area of lonely beach though…

Further south to the famous “Bang Bao Pier” –  you can find Monkey’s… Usually around end of the day. You don’t want them around though – as they tend to steal your belongings upon coming too close!

Whilst driving south to the pier, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view at the “Rasta View – easily one of the best chill spots to watch the harbor and enjoy a cocktail (see pictures).

Overall it is a beautiful island – but also forms a gateway to hop further to the other surrounding islands “Koh Kood” and “Koh Mak”





Koh Mak

Having stayed one day in a tent in Koh Kood, we straight after took the boat towards Koh Mak. Which really is an island that resembles camping-holiday vibes. The vibe is so good and tranquile, that it feels like you are in the south of France.

It’s a small island – let’s say the size of Texel in the Netherlands, but with lot’s of beach resorts – in which you are free to join in on the pool and order a cocktail, whilst enjoying the view (recommendation: The Mak Trat).

One of the must-see places is “Hidden Beach Resort” – where you will find the greatest bar personnel – leading you on the way to fantastic parties and great vibes, with the greatest people!

A MUST do is to eat the philly-cheese-steak sandwich (for dinner, lunch or breakfast) at M.A. Bistro – which is absolutely DELICIOUS!

Also there is a hidden beach in the north-east which you will have to drive a scooter through some jungle for – but the scenery is absolutely great! Just google to drive to “Laem Son“. Best to combine with the Cinnamon Scenic Boardwalk – which is in fact also a must see – and only a few minutes from Laem Son (or vice versa).


Koh Kood

As mentioned – Koh Kood has got AMAZING beaches and scenery. Unfortunately we only spent 1 day – and slept over in a tent (yes a tent!). The scorching sun was burning is throughout the day, and the kids at the place were keeping us up until 00:00 midnight with their screaming – but it was all good as the owner was so nice, she made up with just her smile.

Did rent a scooter and visited multiple beaches – but i have no pictures to provide as proof or evidence. You will just have to see for yourselves šŸ™‚

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