2nd Price NRC Next April 2019

Proud 2nd place winner of the NRC Next Photo-competition of April 2019. Ranking in order from the Professional Jury – see link More info from the Jury – see link About the picture The picture in question reflects my little nephew in action. Having walked up the higher put cafeteria grounds, I was able to […]

The Beauty of the South – Part 1

So over time I have taken a lot of photos, posting it on Instagram and facebook. You might catch some highlights – but in most cases you are not able to really see what i produced. Over the last few months I have been capturing landscapes and memorable scenes. Through this post i’m hoping to […]

Christmas Down South – A guide

It starts off with the night before Christmas eve at the father and mother in law. A grand table is set and a fantastic dinner is cooked. Christmas Dinner After that it’s off to the 1st Christmas evening – where approximately 2.000.000 presents are laid out on the floor beneath the Christmas tree. With a […]

Foto Impressie van Bruno collab: Psychiatrie Begraafplaats vs Cementfabriek

Begraafplaats van het psychiatrisch ziekenhuis in Rekem Op 28 Juni zijn Bruno & Dorus samen afgereisd naar Belgie om daar gezamenlijk het krankzinnigenkerkhof te bezichtigen. Enkel psychologisch gestoorden werden hier begraven. Ofwel, dus ook moordenaars en psychopaten. Creepy dus! Meer info in youtube filmpje:   Dit is afgesloten voor het publiek – maar Bruno en […]